Empowering learners is so fundamental to economic development and poverty reduction, its therefore essentially linked to improving other development indicators, such as reduced rate of teen pregnancies, Absenteeism, drug abuse among the youth, increased rate of gender based violence and other harassments like labor and sexual exploitations among others.


The program encourages the school management to be filled with caring adolescents who have relationships with learners and who can help young people in need of assistance through the established student-centered clubs named Yewe clubs. Hope Iwacu Initiative, in the year 2018 managed to establish YEWE clubs in 10 secondary schools of Rusizi and Nyamasheke district. The program is now managed by Strive Foundation Rwanda under the support of Human Help Network (HHN).


It’s therefore important to extend the services to the refugees who are camped in Rwandan refugee camps. These refugees are considered to be in the vulnerability state provoking them to be trapped by the human traffickers and other violations. Hope Iwacu Initiative is convinced that establishing clubs in the refugee schools enables learners to share views on the issues that affects their social economic development. Besides identifying such issues, they are always in position to be part of the solutions through theatrical performances.

hopeSchool Clubs in & out of Refugee Camps